Saturday, February 21, 2009

If Sugg likes it, you should too

John Sugg, former senior editor of the Creative Loafing and a life-long print man, gave a big shoutout to the Union-Recorder during Friday's Georgia Gazette.
Talking about his new online news venture GONSO, the Georgia Online News Service, Sugg told listeners that the fate of the large metropolitan dailies may not be shared by their small town counterparts.
These newspapers, what gives them viability to survive in this new age is that they're awfully darn good at reporting on their local communities.
I go to Milledgeville occasionally, and Milledgeville is this tiny little daily newspaper--5,000 circulation--and they do a heck of a job at reporting on the news that is important to the people in Milledgeville and whatever the county is around there.

Thanks John!

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