Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chambers says it's not over

District 6 Milledgeville City Councilman Steve Chambers told One Capital Removed last night that efforts to apply some kind of Corridor Management Standards are still in the works.
Chambers said that the next step may involve reaching out to the Rosser International Group (that most notably handled the Milledgeville State Properties Master Plan dealing with the Central State Hospital property) to get estimates on having them take a look at creating a set of standards for Milledgeville from scratch. That would hopefully take wind out of the sails of the "cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all" argument.
Chambers also said the standards will be scaled back to tackle the community's biggest offender: North Columbia Street. But Chambers would like to see any standards also cover some of the community's east-west gateways as well. Although he conceded that any standards may need to be phased in over time.
But it is imaginable that anything involving outside consultants is going to be costly. And we'll see how the rest of the elected leadership, both city and county, will take that.

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