Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More on Floodgates

Close the floodgates some.
In a conversation with Floyd Griffin earlier today, the city's first African American Mayor flat out denied rumors that he was going to run in the special election for Rep. Bobby Parham's chair in the state House.
But after denying his candidacy he said enough to let one think that he's considering it.
"The only thing I'm saying is that Rep. Parham indicated that he is resigning his seat at the end of the current session. But the question is: When is the end of the session?"
If things stay the same, the session is set to end in late June, early July depending on whether legislators meet for a full five-day week when the reconvene for the 36th (of 40) legislative day on June 22.
So that would lead to another question: When will a special election to fill Parham's chair be held?
Rusty Kidd, Culver's son, announced his bid Monday.
Assuming the election doesn't happen until June, that could have been a shot in the foot if there's nothing to campaign about until June and memory of your announcement fades once City Council election qualifying gets underway. (Put that on the to-do list.)
No other candidates have come out of the woodwork yet, but an off-the-record conversation I had last night provided me with a very short list of suspects to query.
More to come.

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