Friday, February 6, 2009

Lake Sinclair no longer to be small pond for big boats?

State Senator Johnny Grant, R-Milledgeville, filed S.B. 99 to outlaw large boats on Lake Sinclair.
If passed, boats longer than 30 feet, 6 inches will not be allowed on the lake. It also prohibits--and I'll have to quote here because I'm no mariner--"Any vessel equipped with any type of bypass mechanism that reduces or eliminates the effectiveness of the muffler or baffler system."
This legislation was a big to do on the local level last year during boating season as many area residents began to worry about lake lizards with the large boats traveling from Lake Lanier to Lake Sinclair as it is one of the few lakes in the state that has no legislation prohibiting large water crafts.
On a side note, last year I did a ride along with DNR on Lake Sinclair and their understanding of any prohibition legislation was that it would outlaw any boats that couldn't make it under the 441 bridges.

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