Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Parham Stirs the Pot 2

Good Golly Miss Molly!
State Rep. Bobby Parham, D-Milledgeville, is pulling down more headlines than ever before.
Dick Pettys' Insider Advantage is reporting that the state's Attorney General is being asked to weigh in on the question of when Parham has to fill his seat on the state Transportation Board.

One big question Wednesday - will Rep. Bobby Parham, the man elected last week to replace Anderson - vote or not on Thursday? Parham has told constituents he won't resign from the Legislature and take his seat on the board until after this session is concluded. Further, he hasn't yet been sworn in. But some board members contend he should begin participating in board decisions now. They argue that he was elected to an unexpired term and, therefore, should start fulfilling those duties.
The attorney general has been asked to clarify the situation and to specify the "triggering event" by which a board member takes office. He had not ruled as of early Wednesday afternoon.

Parham told One Capital Removed yesterday that Charles Tarbutton, the heir to the Kaolin fortune that Parham beat out in the DOT board election, has been pushing other board members to determine Parham in dereliction of duty to the board.
And that's all nice and good, but the rising tide that says DOT Commissioner Gena Evans, never a stranger to controversy, is on her way out--and quickly--is bringing the fight over the vacant 12th District seat to a logger head.
On the 13 member board that has remained in gridlock, Parham's vote may be needed to break any tie as a result of pushing Evans out.
But from what Parham was saying last night, Evan's ouster probably won't require his vote.
Watch the link for more conclusive and timely updates.

Update: Speaking of above, read this AJC Political Insider post about the rebellion against Perdue's DOT proposal. Don't miss out on the comments where it really gets heated.

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