Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Special Election to fill Parham's state House seat could cost $30K

Just thought y'all might like to know.
Baldwin County has 14 voting precincts that require five poll workers apiece. Including four poll workers handling absentee ballots, that’s 74 poll workers needed to pull off election day alone.
Poll workers are paid about $115 per day for their service to the county’s Democratic process.
Assuming absentee and early voting take place over 20 business days, that’s roughly 100 election days between early and absentee voting, plus the 74 poll workers needed to carry out election day itself.
All of those together will cost the county $20,010 in precinct labor.
Blackwell said the election process will also include printing of the absentee ballots, labor of programming the voting machines, advertising the election and the sample ballot in the local newspaper--in Baldwin’s case the Union-Recorder--and the cost of transporting the voting machines to their precincts.
Blackwell said that the cost of holding the special election could double if the race is forced into a run-off because no single candidate is able to garner a majority of votes.

Pick up Thursday's Union-Recorder to find out more.

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