Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Governor to local governments: Check's in the mail

Governor Sonny Perdue wasn't able to kill the Homeowner Tax Relief Grant the way he'd been telling Georgians he would.
But don't worry, he effectively outsourced that responsibility to Rep. Larry O’Neal, R-Warner Robins, whose H.B. 143 will fund the grant program this year and then let the market decide from there on out.
Let's all coalesce for a good back-slapping feel-good moment before returning to the reality that that is an extra half a billion that will have to come from somewhere.
One of our esteemed sources said that the Governor's decision to sign the HTRG without a fight may be due to the buzz from the electric coolaid the federal government is about to send around to all the states.
"For me, I'm just glad this stimulus bill was passed so now we can depend on this money to get us out of the hell of a hole we're in," said anonymous source said. "Now the question arises: What do we do when this money runs out? Will the economy rebound enough to return revenues to where they were?"

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