Friday, January 30, 2009

Now for the item we've all been waiting for...

Legislation was filed in the state House today to reorganize the Department of Human Resources.
Representative Mark Butler, R-Carrolton, filed H.B.228 today. Butler is a member of the Gov.'s Health and Human Service Task Force, which made the recommendation for the reorganization.
“This legislation reorients our approach to healthcare from inputs to results,” Governor Perdue said. “Georgia spends $3.8 billion within DHR every year – an agency that hasn’t undergone major change since it was formed over three decades ago.”
Under the plan mental health and addictive diseases will get their own Department of Behavioral Health, which would report directly to Perdue. The Department of Community Health would be merged with "the public health and health regulation programs of DHR to create the Department of Health." And "the remaining social services under DHR would become the Department of Human Services. Programs included in this department include Developmental Disabilities, Aging, Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) and Child Support."
Haven't yet been able to look through the 252-page document. And with the amount of work we have, I doubt I'll be able to. But stay tuned for reaction from the local delegation.

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