Thursday, January 15, 2009

Milledgeville in the State of State

The state's former Capital made it into the State of the State and its rebuttal twice, one reference in each.
The Governor began his State of the State address with the story of Jeremy Lee, a young man who escaped the Bill Ireland Youth Development (or Detention, take your pick) Center the right way, by graduating with a high school diploma. Perdue mentioned the youth as an example of how resilience can bring an individual out of life's missteps, or as the YDC has been described to me: A place with more hell than hell itself.
State Rep. Dubose Porter, D-Dublin, also brought listeners to our fair city to talk about the 82 war veterans who were told to find a new place to live because of the across the board budget cuts recommended by the governor to mitigate the $2.2 billion revenue shortfall being experienced by the state of Georgia.
I find that both stories speak of the failure of the state to provide critical services to citizens most at need, one explicitly, the other less so.
Had Jeremy Lee been challenged by a proper education in the state's school systems, maybe his rebellious energy wouldn't have been channeled in the wrong direction.
Both stories say that the only way out of Milledgeville is through sheer will power and personal determination. Don't expect the state to throw you a bone, unless it's to be paraded around for politics.

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