Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And we thought it was just going to be about the budget

In addition to warning legislators that this lame duck governor has nothing to lose in the next two years of governing, Gov. Sonny Perdue issued a warning to school board officials who can't seem to keep their school systems in the press for the right reasons.
Perdue announced a legislative proposal to ensure that school board officials keep the priorities of the local school system's students at the top and not their own personal agendas.
“Never again, do I intend for the state to be handcuffed by our current law and powerless to help students who are being failed by the adults in their community,” the Governor said.
According to his Eggs and Issues press release, Perdue wants legislation that will "standardize board ethics policies and board training, clarifies law delineating the roles and responsibilities of superintendents and board members, creates minimum qualifications for board candidates and gives the state the ability to find responsible citizens to serve on school boards when existing members fail to serve the interests of their students."
Everyone in the former state capital has known that this session of the General Assembly was going to be pertinent on the local level, but I think we all failed to see just how pertinent.

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