Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No pork on this plate

State Rep. Bobby Parham gave some interesting insight into why he didn't make it to this year's Wild Hog Supper, the aptly-named smorgasbord that has preceded the Georgia Legislature's opening day in each of the last 47 years.
Parham said he and his wife Juanita shun the event because of the amount of germs spread by the different politicos reaching out to grab the pork with their bare hands.
I used to go and enjoy the event, but when she started talking about the germs I started to thinking she might be right, he said.
And who can blame him. With the amount of back slapping and handshaking going on in those circles you could be eating off the hands of the entire state of Georgia.
Picture by Kimberly Smith of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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