Friday, January 23, 2009

Givin' em Hell

Budget discussions with Department of Human Resources Commissioner B.J. Walker are going on in the new Capital as we speak.
State Rep. Bobby Parham, D-Milledgeville, told me yesterday that he was going to study up to be able to catch Walker on something. And this Lucid Idiocy post has his finger prints all over it.
Instantaneous update: Parham called while posting this and told me that he had in fact caused this little moment of mirth.
"Yeah, I was grinning like hell," he said. "I had her and she knew it. She fell for it like a fish on a hook."
After reviewing DHR's reorganization, Parham characterized it as simply "passing the buck."
"You can't just create another department without making preparations for taking care of the mentally ill," he said. "This is just passing the buck...someone has got to take care of mental health. We can't just throw them in jail and in prison and expect they'll get the care they need. Even if you could, the cost of doing it is way out of sight."

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