Monday, August 31, 2009

Special Election Qualifying

Today also marks the beginning of qualifying for the special election to fill the vacant 141st District seat in the state House of Representatives.
Candidates interested in running to fill former state Rep. Bobby Parham's unexpired term in the House will be qualifying at the Elections Division of the Office of the Secretary of State in Atlanta.
For those of us who have responsibilities in the State's Antebellum Capital, special election qualifying can be monitored by navigating your Web browser to this page.

As of 10:30 a.m., it appears that E. Culver "Rusty" Kidd III has kept his promise of being the race's most enthusiastic candidate.

Update: The Union-Recorder received a press release from a Milledgeville man who is throwing his hat in the ring to challenge "Rusty" Kidd in the special election for the state House of Representatives.
Casey Tucker, a 22-year-old Georgia College & State University graduate, says he wants to provide the 141st district with a "fresh face" in state politics.
"For too long we have let the government grow too large and step beyond their bounds. It's time for a new voice and new politics in Georgia. We must look to the future and reinvigorate Baldwin, Putnam, and the entire state on sound principles. I look forward to serving my neighbors here by doing just that."
Although he told our editor, and the Telegraph, that he qualified today, I still don't see him listed on the Secretary of State's site.
Now that poses a question, don't it.

Update 2: I just refreshed Karen Handel's site, and it says Tucker is affiliating with the Republican Party. Because I forgot to mention it above, Kidd listed his party affiliation as independent.
You can learn more about Tucker by navigating to his campaign site at here.

Update 3: Word on the street is that there will be another candidate to step into the contest before qualifying ends Wednesday.

Day 2

Update 4: I just got off the phone with our mystery qualifier and she is Angie Gheesling, Executive Director of the Milledgeville-Baldwin County Development Authority.
Gheesling said that in the years since she's returned to Milledgeville (from working on economic development throughout the state) she's seen a lot of the pieces fall into place for Milledgeville to have a viable future, but the remaining pieces lie in Atlanta. And that's why she's going there (and literally while I was talking to her).

Day 3

Update 5: The race's first Democrat has entered the fray. Secretary of State Karen Handel's site is showing that a candidate by the name of Darrell Black qualified this morning.

Darrell Black is the owner and operator of Flooring America on Highway 22. He has been a resident of the district for four years.


  1. Thats what I'm hearing as well Daniel. I wonder who it could be....

  2. After Casey Tucker qualified, someone I was talking to kept talking about Kidd's competition as a female. When I asked them if they were assuming Tucker was a female they recanted their statements.
    But I guess we'll see in the next day or so.