Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Barrow in the crosshairs

It seems that our conservative Democrat Congressman is the target of leftist
The AJC's Gold Dome Live has this post about radio ads hitting the state's airwaves targeting John Barrow for his vote against health care reform in a House Committee on Energy and Commerce meeting last week.
Now I don't know if those ads are hitting the airwaves in our neck of the woods--I didn't hear any during last night's Braves victory over NL West cellar dwellers, the San Diego Padres.
But understanding a little bit about Middle Georgia politics, and witnessing the way that Barrow grooms himself as a politician, I think the last thing he is going to worry about is being targeted by
In fact, depending on where he was speaking on what ever night, he'd probably wear it as a badge of honor--and I'd advise him to do so.

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