Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update on What's Wrong with Milledgeville

Apparently word is spreading quickly throughout the two local government buildings in downtown Milledgeville about the community's budding music industry.
But in contrast to the way the State of Georgia attracts industry through windfall tax giveaways, Baldwin County is looking to a higher level of regulation to prevent the use of their property for revenue generating enterprises.
Assistant County Manager Ralph McMullen told media representatives that the county is looking to tighten its application process for renting out county properties.
To his knowledge, although he was not certain at the time, Frank Nitty's production applied for and received permission to use the Collins P. Lee Harrisburg Community Center, but there was no disclosure that the community center was going to be used as the location for a music video production.
McMullen said the county is reviewing Nitty's application to use the community center, and they are reviewing the application process to find ways of preventing unauthorized usage of county properties in the future.
McMullen did go on to say that he's viewed the video and is appalled by the content of the video.
"There are some nasty, nasty views expressed in [the video]," he said.

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