Friday, August 14, 2009

What's wrong with Milledgeville?

Well we might want to start with the fact that some of our local leadership think it's alright to be featured in music videos that promote the culture of drugs and gang violence.
"Doin' Big Sh** from City to City/Everywhere Nitty man, the Bloods is with me"
Please tell me how someone can explain away the bad judgment of being an elected county school board official in a video that proudly proclaims Milledgeville as Murda City and goes on to tout the upperward mobility of selling drugs.
"Weighing Sh**, Bagging Sh**, Cooking Sh**, Fu** a Bi***"
Could you at least take the Baldwin High School Football shirt off for the video shoot so that there could plausibly be some separation between what you do in your off time and your role as an elected official?
"So Long, They Misrepresent Me/A Real Dope Boy/Let Me Show You How To Live It"
No Harold Simmons, I think you've represented yourself pretty darn well. It just worries me about how you represent this community.

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