Friday, May 29, 2009

Adult Literacy Funding not done yet

Several off-the-record conversations have led me to believe that the Adult Literacy initiative that was born out of Baldwin 20/20 and is being championed by Maj. Gen. Peter Boylan (ret.) will not be without funding from the City of Milledgeville.
The $5,000 initially budgeted for funding the city's end of the Adult Literacy initiative was about the only thing this reporter saw stripped from what City Manager Scott Wood characterized as a healthy FY2010 budget.
And furthermore, this reporter saw some poignant finger pointing going on after City Council passed it's roughly $20.7 million budget Tuesday without the adult literacy funding in tact.
Not to let the details out yet, but this sounds like it could be a sweetheart story for those persons who've seen fit to make it happen.

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