Monday, May 11, 2009

Little Love for the former State Capital

Governor Sonny Perdue signed a number of pieces of local legislation into law last week, as evidenced by this press release that you can read here.
Of the long list of local legislation signed into law last week, the Governor saw fit to sign one piece recognizing the Milledgeville Mayor's 2009 Commission on Youth Leadership, one of three pieces of Milledgeville-Baldwin County legislation that passed the General Assembly during the last session.
The two other pieces of legislation include authorizing local authorities to increase the local hotel/motel excise tax up to 8 percent to fund improvements to Milledgeville's Historic District and another bill to create a Milledgeville-Baldwin County Public Health Facilities Authority, which would act as a vehicle for creating a bond issuance should Baldwin County be chosen as the location for the state's proposed forensics hospital.
Now I haven't confirmed this date, but I believe that the 40-day time period, in which the Governor must sign legislation into law or it goes into effect automatically, ends Wednesday. I can't imagine that he'd veto these pieces of local legislation, but I wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't sign them either.
Oh yeah, and where is that writ of election?

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