Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Barrow gains a republican contender for 2010

Not to be outdone by Phillip Joiner or the candidates for the 2010 governor's race, former Thunderbolt City Councilman Carl Smith informed the Union-Recorder this week that he'll be challenging Congressman John Barrow for the 12th District seat in next year.
“The reason I want to represent Georgia’s 12th district, is to stand against the congressional borrow, tax, print, and spend policies.” In February 2009, John Barrow voted in favor of the 787 billion dollar stimulus bill. ”That is exactly the type of irresponsible spending that has gotten us in this financial crisis,” Carl remarked.
Funny, I thought that was the type of irresponsible spending that the government proposed to get us out of this financial crisis. But who really knows anyway.
Smith lists his experiences as being a 22-year firefighter and fire chief who has been a first responder to numerous regional disasters. He has also served as President of the Savannah Firefighters Association and served several terms on the Chatham County Fire Chiefs Association, as well as the Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs.
In the political arena--civilian politics I guess--Smith was elected to two terms on the Thunderbolt City Council, during which time he says "he helped reduce property taxes and enhanced the response capabilities of the police and fire departments. As finance chair, he reformed the city’s budget and accounting practices and corrected their audit deficiencies."
Welcome to the race, we'll be expecting a visit to the state's Antebellum Capital soon.


  1. Another candidate that is running on one issue. One issue candidates do not fare well at all. He's just another sacrificial lamb for the GOP.

  2. Barrow dispatched a pretty dynamic Republican candidate, John Stone, last year.
    On first contact, Stone had a lot more issues in his tackle box than I perceived Smith as having when I interviewed him this morning.
    We'll see what fellow Republican challenger Wayne Mosley has to offer.
    Thanks for commenting, I don't get many of them.