Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fall Line Freeway inches closer

The AJC gave mad shout outs to Middle Georgia's WunderRoad Tuesday in this story about stimulus funding for Georgia's transportation system.
"The most expensive project on Perdue’s list Tuesday was a $48 million project to build part of the Fall Line Freeway in Wilkinson County in Middle Georgia."
The story says Perdue's office is "95 percent there" in determining shovel-ready projects to fund with the state's $187 million share in roads funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
If it makes the cut, the Fall Line Freeway will be about 95 percent into Baldwin County, but who knows where the funding to actually build it into Baldwin will come from.
Don't exhale just yet.


  1. Love the blog title. Keep it up.

    Travis Fain
    The Macon Telegraph

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  3. I'll never figure out why Perdue and his predecessors think that this project will suddently cause industry to descend upon middle GA. Isn't there a possibility that betters schools, better health care, more recreational opportunities, CLEAN STREETS, real historic districts, safe neighborhoods, greenspace, etc., etc., might be attractive?