Friday, May 15, 2009

Milledgeville Ex-Pats afloat again

The Telegraph had this to say about former M'ville MainStreet Director Heather Holder.
Seems a bit sudden, but there seems to be a tempest brewing over at our neighbor to the west in regard to tourism development.
To bolster my argument, I'll point you in this direction.
Not to say that the Convention & Visitors Bureaus and MainStreet/New Towns of the world are necessarily intertwined, but I believe that downtown development and tourism share some common interests.
But another thing about the first story, it seems that both Milledgeville Ex-pats, Holder and Lindsay Hornsby (M'ville MainStreet's former number 2), will be in the job market soon. I know that Hornsby's old job is open. And Holder's name made a cameo at this week's City Council meeting in reference to Frank Pendergast's Community Development Block Grant proposal.
Needless to say, a recession is a terrible thing to waste.

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