Thursday, June 4, 2009

I wonder why we didn't think of this, I can't believe they didn't see this sooner

Update: Here is a picture of the copyrighted materials that can be found at Lowes.

This observation was shared with Union Recorder readers through the community forum today:

"Has anyone been to Lowe's Garden Center lately? Wrapped around the tomato plants is a recyclable sleeve by the company Bonnie Plants (trade mark). Their signature states "
Our Roots Run Deep since 1918". The colors of the Bonnie Plants are yellow and green. Does any of this sound familiar to you?
I wonder if this will be another possible law suit for the town of Milledgeville."

I think we can all remember this and the local uproar it caused.
Now I ask: Did anyone responsible for this festival ever google the phrase 'Deep Roots Festival'?
Better late than never, the inquisitive minds in the U-R newsroom did this morning, and this is what comes up.
Happy Hunting.

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