Thursday, June 4, 2009

6,7,8 Triple 9,8,2,1,2

City Councilman Ken Morgan finally commented on the internal investigation that led to his resignation from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Read all about that here.
Apparently, it was the city's fault for providing him with tax-payer funded PDA. Our friends at the Baldwin Bulletin open-records requested the city, county and school system to see who was walking around with tax-payer funded tele-technology, and after former school board chair Harold Simmons gave up his, Morgan is the last man texting.

“Communication devices such as cell phones (and) Personal Desk Assistants help elected officials with busy schedules and that are active in their respective communities stay on top of issues that face them and their constituent [sic]…many of my constituents and other citizens have contacted me about many of the issues addressed with Council such as the controversial three unrelated ordinance, Historic District zoning, library funding, budgetary items, problems with their roads, Streetscape tress on Hancock Street, drainage issues and many other issues and I was able to respond in a timely manner whether I was at home or three counties away working…My PDA has allowed for me to respond to citizens in a timely manner whether I’m out on the ball field with my kids or in Washington D.C.”

On a somewhat related note, I talked with Morgan a day ago about his thoughts on raising money for the city's portion of the community's new adult literacy program, and he said that the city should take money out of Mayor and Council's communications budget to cover the $5,000 seed money donation.
Looking at the city budget, it would appear that the only person who'd stand to lose on that transaction is Morgan himself as the roughly $1,200 required to pay for his cell service (as reported by the Bulletin) seems to be the only money being paid out of the $5,000 line item.

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