Friday, December 11, 2009

Poet and Milledgeville Native Sean Hill on the Interblogs

I found this link about Milledgeville-born poet Sean Hill.
The link includes a poem and interview about the poem and how he wrote it.
His book Blood Ties & Brown Liquor includes poems culled from a century of the City of Milledgeville.
From his Web site:
Each poem in Hill's debut collection, Blood Ties & Brown Liquor, builds on the poetic landscape created from his hometown, Milledgeville, Georgia, offering a portrait of the town's black community. A multitude of voices rises from the pages to celebrate familial love, memory, and yearning, and to confront racism.

The poems create a call and response across six generations of the family of the fictional character Silas Wright, a black man born in 1907. From a slave woman's scratchy hay-stuffed mattress to a black insurance agent's ominous patter, from sweet honey to the searing heat of brickyard kilns, these poems spread before us a sensuous world of quotidian lives punctuated by love and violence.

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