Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Murdoch Gives a Pep Talk for the Media Moguls of Tomorrow--And We're Listening

Thanks to Jay Bookman for linking to this.
Rupert Murdoch has this editorial from his venerable Wall Street Journal about the possibilities of the future of journalism, with some thoughts on government subsidies to the industry's current heavyweights.
The gist is those who rest on their laurels will be able to sit around and blame technology for their diminished lot in life while the rest of the world gets comfy with the next model.
People will pay for compelling content, the same as they did before the Internet. It is our job as content creators to figure out what consumers want and sell it to them. The old model of selling eyeballs to advertisers no longer applies.
And finally, government bailouts of the media industry will start us down a road to tyranny. Contrary to its current meaning, the Free Press was free from the government's press secretary and the government's red pen. And that's what helped make this country great.
"The future of journalism is more promising than ever—limited only by editors and producers unwilling to fight for their readers and viewers, or government using its heavy hand either to overregulate or subsidize us.

"Some newspapers and news organizations will not adapt to the digital realities of our day—and they will fail. We should not blame technology for these failures. The future of journalism belongs to the bold, and the companies that prosper will be those that find new and better ways to meet the needs of their viewers, listeners, and readers."

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