Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dick Pettys Picks the Frontrunners in the Contest for House Speaker

Insider Advantage Georgia his this take on the election within the House Republican Caucus to name a new speaker.
Pettys says the House Republican Caucus will meet December 21 to nominate a speaker, before bringing it to an official vote in the House at the beginning of the session.
Although the piece doesn't rule out other contenders, Pettys says Bonaire's Larry O'Neal and David Ralston of Blue Ridge are the ones to watch.
The piece also goes on to list the detractors of each of the representatives and gives a little insight to their parliamentary acumen.
Erick Erickson at Peach Pundit is pushing Tom Graves (the link has a link to his GA bio).
Political Insider is reporting the location of Friday's House Republican Caucus meeting. So I'm sure there'll be more to the story once that meeting adjourns.
There's so much going on with this saga, I'm not even sure why I bother.

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