Sunday, November 29, 2009

In The Zonee

We're listening to the debate between Darrell Black and E. Culver "Rusty" Kidd on The Talking Straight Zonee on 103.7 Fm. Are you?
Tomorrow is the last day for hand-wringing in the special election runoff to replace Bobby Parham in the state House (I'm going to retire that phrase after Wednesday). So I'm looking for this to be the big statement moment between the two candidates. And expect Quentin T. Howell, and hopefully some audience members, to ask some tough questions.
We'll be updating throughout when there's anything interesting to say--I think they call it liveblogging.

Update 1: And we're having the usual live glitches. But my watch is saying 9:40 p.m. and they're about to get to the debate.
478.946.3445 is the number to call in live to the show.

Update 2: Kidd just said Governor Perdue quarterbacked at UGA. Now I'm not so sure that is true. Wikipedia highlights his high school career in Warner Robins and says he was a walk-on in college, but it doesn't say he ever quarter-backed in a game.

Update 3:This is one of the ads they are talking about.

Update 4:Lucid Idiocy has this good post about The Daufuskie 5 scandal.

Update 5: Mary Margaret Oliver is the only Democratic legislator to financially support Kidd (for at least $100 or more).

Update 6: I don't know where all the bathrooms are (you can find out more about the Capitol Building here), but there are none on the second and fourth floors.

Update 7: Here is a quickly-tracked down link on the the Olmstead Decision.

Update 8:I talked to the Goldsteins two weeks ago and they said they don't just support Kidd monetarily, but whole-heartedly. And they are Mr. and Mrs. Democrat.

Update 9: E. Culver Kidd Jr.

Update 10: Why don't candidates have to post a résumé on the Internet? Black and Kidd

Update 11: When you google bill ireland ydc, this construction company's site is the fourth link.

Update 12: "Vote for me and there’ll be one less lobbyist up there."

Update 13: Here is a link to Baldwin County census information.

Update 14: And we're out at about 11:30 p.m. That was a roughly two-hour debate.
Here are the phone numbers for rides to the polls on Tuesday: 452 3479 and 454 7191.

Update 15: Although this is definitely breaking my rule about not making more work for myself, we are going to have to followup this week with the State Ethics Commission about the complaint filed against Black's campaign for this campaign contribution disclosure, which lacks the between $65,000 (Black agreed with the Union-Recorder figures that were provided to the paper by Georgia State House Democratic Caucus Director Don Weigel) and $100,000 (Rusty's figure; Darrell still didn't disclose the actual amount) in campaign contributions from the Democratic House Caucus.
At least we're all in agreement that the Democratic Party of Georgia has been the single largest campaign contributor in this special election.
But hey, maybe they're going to report it in the disclosure that was due six days before the special election run off
(4) If the candidate is candidate in a special election or special election runoff, 15 days prior to the special election and six days prior to the special election runoff. All persons or entities required to file reports shall have a five-day grace period in filing the required reports, except that the grace period shall be two days for required reports prior to run-off primaries or run-off elections, and no grace period shall apply to contributions required to be reported within two business days.
-O.C.G.A. 21-5-34 [here's where these numbers get hard for me] (c) (4)

But neither candidate has that disclosure posted on line yet.

(Here is a great link to the Official Code of Georgia online.)

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