Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2010: Already Shaping Up To Be a Wild Session

I'll be talking with state Senator Johnny Grant this afternoon in order to get his take on the pre-session horse trading that's been going on in Atlanta for several weeks now.
If you can't wait until tomorrow's Union-Recorder--and who would really choose the U-R over turkey?--I'll point you back to this Lucid Idiocy post looking forward to the 2010 session. Or if you're possibly more interested in the controversy surrounding Georgia's Speaker of the House of Representatives Glenn Richardson, you can go here to read in-depth coverage from the AJC.
Local insiders are betting the Speaker's gavel will be safe this session, but wonder whether or not his name will even appear on a ballot next November.
In case you don't link to here again this week, have a Happy Thanksgiving and be safe out there on those roads!

Update: I wasn't able to get in touch with Sen. Grant in time to have a story in your Turkey Day paper so expect that sometime next week.

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