Thursday, November 12, 2009

And Now We Are Back To Zero

The Special Election Recount for the 141st state House District is in and that is the only new thing to report there.
Baldwin County Election Superintendent Todd Blackwell and Putnam County Assistant Supervisor of Elections Johnnie Penn re-confirmed their election night numbers following today's requested recount.
You can see the Secretary of State's numbers here.
I haven't called Atlanta to confirm that the numbers on the site reflect the recount, but the numbers they have are the same as those read to me by both elections officials earlier this afternoon.
"We anticipated the recount would come back with the same numbers," Blackwell said. "We felt good about the numbers we had from election night."
So the runoff stands between independent candidate E. Culver "Rusty" Kidd and Democrat Darrell Black.
Blackwell said his office is ready to get right back into the action for the beginning of early voting on Monday, November 23. The polls will close Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving Holiday. And polls will reopen for Election Day on Tuesday, December 1.

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