Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trash Talkin'*

This post harkens back to all the criticism the Union-Recorder received when Baldwin County sent out letters describing their devious plan to begin charging for solid waste management.
Thanks to a request from County Clerk Cindy Cunningham, I've spent the morning going back through all the stories I've written between February and now to help identify every time solid waste management was written about in the U-R.
I don't know why Cunningham wants that info, but I thought it a great way to back up the information I gave to the bevy of callers who accused our publication of not covering the county's attempts to raise their taxes.
The total number of times the county's solid waste proposal was mentioned in U-R articles is 14.
I was telling people between 10 and 12.
But that doesn't begin to include editorials, advertisements paid for by the County Commission and letters to the editor on behalf of and speaking out against the County Commission.

* Note: This is a totally griping, first-day-back-from-vacation post.

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