Saturday, September 19, 2009

The First Candidate to return their candidate questions is...

Phillip Joiner
And to show my appreciation for getting back to me on this, here's a sneak peek at Joiner's responses.

Name as I would like it to appear on the ballot:

Phillip Joiner

Age: 32

Occupation: Promotions/Talent Director, Sales Exec and On-air personality for Z97 FM / Marketing/Promotions Director for Amici Italian Cafe

Office qualifying for: Milledgeville City Council - District 4

Positions/titles in the community: Executive Producer/emcee for Milledgeville Idol/Milledgeville's Got Talent, Deep Roots Festival committee member and mainstage emcee, Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, and have helped with Milledgeville's Junior Miss program, The Oconee River Greenway Foundation and Young Professionals Organization. Recently named Milledgeville's "Radio Personality of the Year" by the readers of the Union Recorder

List and Describe the attributes that make you an effective public servant:

I have dedicated myself to serving this city by becoming immersed in many of its great organizations over the years and using my marketing and sales background to promote the city. Recruitment of business and visitors is key to maintaining our financial and cultural vitality and I hope to make further use of my skill set to benefit Milledgeville in a larger capacity. I'm also very energetic and available to the constituents to try and immediately address their needs or concerns.

Why do you feel compelled to represent your fellow residents on Council?

We all must contribute to our city's growth and I believe being a public servant is an important way to make a contribution. Serving the needs of the people directly is a challenge that I'm excited to take on.

What are the 3 biggest issues facing the city of milledgeville/what would you do to address these 3:

Obviously, creating opportunities for new jobs is number one. Vigorously recruiting new businesses both large and small is going to be crucial in the coming year. Our leaders in government must become ambassadors to the city and do whatever it takes to compel companies to consider Milledgeville as a destination. Higher unemployment leads to a higher crime rate. Crime would then be the second issue. I support the outlining of a plan consisting of education, awareness and prevention to tackle this very serious problem. Once the next city budget is put forth, council should continue to support our local law enforcement in any way necessary and provide them the resources they require. The third issue affects my district specifically. Our "Town and Gown" divide in the downtown area has been a contentious battle for too long. The District needs a councilman who can work with long time residents, new residents, college students and downtown businesses. I have built strong relationships with all parties with whom these issues concern. From Parking to housing, renters rights to vandalism of homes and yards, there are a myriad of complex issues that I have been immersed in for years and feel qualified to address as the representative in council for the district.

The tax collection and budget balancing:

Each year, the city deals with issues both new and old, and the budget should reflect the ever changing landscape of these issues. I believe in careful spending, and making sure that city infrastructure is maintained and improved.

What are Milledgeville's most marketable resources:

Milledgeville is a unique position, in that we are 90 minutes from Atlanta, 80 minutes from Athens, 30 minutes from Macon and 2 hours from Savannah. Being in the center of these major Georgia cities is a marketable resource for recruitment of industry and cultural vitality. We have a great River Greenway, 2 lakes just minutes away, beautiful antebellum homes downtown, Andalusia, Lockerly Arboretum, the old Governors Mansion, The Liberal Arts College of Georgia in GCSU, Georgia Military College and more. I've been involved in marketing all these things and consider them valuable resources to attract businesses, visitors and future residents.

Vision of Milledgeville for the 21st century:

I see Milledgeville as being in the early stages of a Renaissance period, our current job situation not withstanding. If you look back at the early history of this town and follow the timeline all the way to the present, you'll notice that Milledgeville has always "repacked" itself. Things are evolving and times are once again changing, and Milledgeville must find its identity and work with all of our efforts to positively brand that identity on the local, state and regional levels.

Alright Dan the man, hope all that can be of use and I appreciate all of your help. Good luck covering all this - it could get interesting!

Warmest Regards,


see the original questionnaire here.

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