Friday, April 3, 2009

Sine Die

Today's the big day up in Atlanta.
The 2009 session of the Georgia General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn today April 3 by midnight.
Obviously, we are still one capital removed so there will be no breaking news to report here, but state Sen. Johnny Grant, R-Milledgeville, did provide us with some fodder for Saturday's paper.
The Department of Human Resources reorganization came out of conference committee different than both the House and Senate version went in.
The big news is that Central Georgia Technical College got a $17.68 million bond project passed to build that new nursing school that they've been fighting for. Georgia College & State University received their special funding to support their Liberal Arts mission, although it seems that their bid to get money for a rehab of Ennis Hall was cut from the $18.6 billion spending plan. And Central State received a $2.4 million bond project through for general repairs and such.
But really... what does it matter? Legislators are already amending their personal calendars to get called back to Atlanta when it becomes apparent that the economy is not going to miraculously rebound this year.
To keep more up to date with Gold Dome Action today, Georgia Legislative Watch is providing a live link that has some legislators blogging and tweeting on it. And of course Travis Fain from the Telegraph is keeping it on lock down. And for those traditionalists, AJC has its Gold Dome Live blog cranking it out at full steam.
By the time I finish our imperfect little story for tomorrow's edition (in about 20 minutes or so) I'll be glad I'm One Capital Removed. Say goodnight computer!

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