Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh how things have changed, or have they?

The Fayette County Citizen printed this homage to small town/city (what have you) newspapers featuring our own Union-Recorder.
It was interesting to me to read the commentator's description of what made the newspaper back in the 1960's. My bias toward hard news would lead me to say that the news really hasn't changed, but...I wasn't reading the U-R in the sixties(like I'd remember if I was), and I've only been on staff here for a little over a year.
But to back up my point: Yesterday I wrote three stories, one about a group of community members who hold a monthly breakfast for veterans displaced by the state's decision to close the domiciliary unit at the Georgia War Veterans Home, one about a workshop to help you preserve your important family documents and photographs and another one to get in the City Council info that I couldn't fit into Wednesday's council story.
I'd be interested to hear what some of you big city paper readin' public think about the value of community news versus the the news that covers the page in your papers.
On a related note, Pete McCommons, publisher of the alternative news weekly Flagpole in Athens, has this missive about Morris Communications' decision to launch an "alternative" weekly of their own to compete head-to-head with Flagpole.
There is a lot of pressure to do this, create additional revenue streams, in the 'industry.' That's all I'll say about that.

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