Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 General Primary Results

It looks like the Secretary of State's Office has outsourced its election reporting to good results. There is a lot more detail, fancy maps and downloadables that could keep me up for hours, but...
See Baldwin results here and statewide results here. Looks like the 25th Georgia Senatorial District has slipped from Baldwin County's grasp. Drive lightly on those new stretches of asphalt coming in and out of town, that may be the last road construction we see for a long time. It is interesting to wonder if the balance of power is making Baldwin County a little redder like the rest of the state. Judging by the turnout for the most popular republican ballot initiative (casino gambling to support education / 3,616) vs. its counterpart on the democratic ticket (decreasing the state's sales tax on Georgia-made products / 2,513 votes cast), the single contested local democratic primary on the ballot--though one could argue BOE 2 to be a democratic contest of sorts--and the inability to even field a congressional challenger, Baldwin may be ceding its position as a holdout blue county amidst the sea of red.

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