Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Conrad Fink

I never had the opportunity to take a class with Conrad Fink, but sometimes mere moments with great people can have lasting effects on impressionable minds.
The open space I learned to allow for the unsolicited thoughts of teachers, businesspeople, politicians, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and anyone else I came into contact with as a newspaper reporter came from an interview with Conrad Fink. Even as interviewee, he was instilling the craft of journalism and how it could be done. It is the most memorable interview I conducted as an aspiring Red & Black reporter, and probably ranks up there among the most memorable interviews I've ever been involved in as an aspiring storyteller.

Learn something yourself from these thoughts on the current state of media and how we consume it:

This is not my interview, but one found at Reporting For Hire, which from the sound of things, probably borrowed it from somewhere else.

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