Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Politics is politics

Friday, state Sen. Johnny Grant, R-Milledgeville, returned from the last of this session's three-day work weeks to check in with the local organ.
In addition to talking about his take on the proposed reorganization/privatization of the state's mental health system, he told me about why he voted against the wholesale transportation reform brewing in the State's Capital.
He said he opposed it because with state Rep. Bobby Parham, D-Milledgeville, on the state's Transportation Board, maybe we'd see some shovel-ready opportunism on some of the transportation projects that have been long promised to Baldwin County.
This is quite a turnaround in Grant as word around the office was that Grant supported and nominated the governor's candidate in secret caucus to elect a board member for the 12th Congressional district.
I'm not saying this to cast aspersions on Grant, I personally think he's a great guy who does his best to promote the interests of all of the members of his community. But I think he said it best himself:
"Whether we like it or not, politics play a big part of where transportation projects go. It's true now and it's true under the plan [Gov. Sonny Perdue's plan to create a new authority to plan and construct the state's transportation system]," he said. "It all depends on who has the power to move a project forward and how that power can be exerted."
Last week, the state Senate passed S.B. 200.

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