Thursday, March 19, 2009

The House budget is in

State Rep. Bobby Parham, D-Milledgeville, just phoned in from the capital to list off the projects the FY2010 budget will bring in to Baldwin County.
We reported yesterday that the $18 million for the new health sciences vocational technologies school at Central Georgia Technical College didn't make the list of bonded projects. But even still, the budget promises almost $15 million worth of bonded projects for Baldwin County.
Winners include Georgia College & State University, Central State Hospital, the Georgia War Veterans Home and the Georgia War Veterans Cemetery.
There'll be some more money benefiting any of the four or so Department of Corrections facilities in the community as well.
But don't let that tell you that things are alright under the Gold Dome. Lucid Idiocy is advocating all but the end of times as far as the state of the state is concerned.
When asked about next year, Parham said we're going to be in real trouble when the federal government is not there to bailout state governments.
If downturns like the one we're in now continue, it's liable to get real bad, he said.
By his calculations, the Revenue Shortfall Reserve is down to about $800 million.
"We can eat up that kind of money real quick," Parham said.

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