Friday, October 9, 2009

Attention City Council Candidates:

More students registered to vote during a campus voter registration drive than the number of people who voted in each of the first, second, third or fourth district races in the last municipal election.
According to this article in the Colonnade, over 650 students registered to vote in Baldwin County in the last several months. The November 9, 2005 post-election edition of the U-R reported voter turnout in each of the fore-mentioned districts as follows: District One: 435; District Two: 216*; District Three: 393; and District Four: 298.
*Jeanette Walden ran unopposed in the 2005 election.

The image above is just a lil bit of election lore. District Four Challenger Zach Johnson, who was enrolled as a Georgia College student at the time of the election, wore this costume out for Halloween in the last days before 2005's contest. Although it didn't seem like a kind joke at the time, outgoing District Four Councilman Ken Vance told me that he carried this picture in his wallet for several years afterwards.

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